Attending FOSSASIA Summit 2018

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FOSSASIA is one the big names in open source conferences. So, I was really excited to attend the conference. It was held in Lifelong Learning institute in Singapore, from 22nd March to 25th March.

22nd March:

First day I reached to the venue pretty early, I was a bit disappointed of the fact that all the speakers were given IDs and bags with goodies. So, as an attendee I was expecting at least IDs. But all we got was a wrist band, and the whole week we weren’t invited to any social gathering too. But I decided not to ruin my excitement because of small goodies.

I still had two hours till the Welcome session started, so till then I explored the exhibition section, and interacted with the other attendees. Exhibitors were employees of different companies, who funded FOSSASIA, presenting their companies. I along with some other attendees, went to all the stalls one by one, interacted with them about their companies work culture. These two hours came out to be quite productive and knowledgeable. Microsoft Azure had organized a small competition of completing a code, and the winning participants would get free T-shirts. So, I decided to give it a try. And as they say, if you don’t try, you’ll never know if you could do it. And I won a T-shirt 😀 . So, that turned out to be a good start of the conference.

After that we went to the welcome talk, followed by panel discussion on current topics AI, Cloud, Blockchain. Panelists provided insights from their personal perspective and their daily work. I was really impressed by the viewpoints of Ramji Venkateswaran, Global Head of Cloud Ecosystem Development & Head of Cloud Services Asia J.P. Morgan. He gave a good insight of how Blockchains have helped in making communications among developers and the users much easier.

After this there was a prize distribution for Codeheat winners. That was a wrap of the first day.

23rd March:

Reached conference by 10:00 AM. Attended the trendy BITCOIN talk. How works and what role blockchain plays in it. To be honest I didn’t understand half of these presentations. So, I decided to go home and go through the basics of blockchain.

Then I went to the talk “Making money with FOSS”. Got to know a lot about the business in open source world, where everything is free.

24th March:

There was a conference group photo session arranged.

Attended the talk on Stopstalk. I think it’s a great platform for motivating oneself for improvement in coding. It’s a great platform to practice, if one wants to work on a particular topic.

After the talk the UNESCO Hackathon started.

Our team was “JS”DOIT. And our idea was:

To make an app, which includes the manufactures and consumers profiles of the products which are made from the resources or pollutants that are harmful to environment. So, that both manufacturers and the consumers should have the idea about how they are affecting the environment. And the app also suggest the ways they can help reducing the harms they are causing.

We used:  Blockchain, Python, JS, HTML5, CSS

25th March:

We were busy in our hackathon coding. Finally we succeeded to make a web app.

Github link:

3:00 PM, presentations of each time were started one by one. Some of the ideas were really great.

After all the presentations, winners were announced. And Session was closed with feedbacks from the audience.

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