Road to Outreachy

I came to know about outreachy from my seniors in college in 2015. So I looked about it and tried to understand how the programme works and immediately developed an interest in it. I am from Electronics background. So, I had lack of experience in coding. I started practising coding using online coding sites like codechef,  hackerrank etc.and participated in hackathons like, angelhack etc. and tried improving with time. Eventually I started gaining interest in open source too.

I had put my first attempt in OPW outreachy in winter 2015. I participated in the organisation ‘Privacy Badger’. I submitted three patches in it but was not selected for internship. It was definitely disheartening. I decided to improve myself and apply again. I applied again in Outreachy Summer 2017 and was determined to give it my best shot considering it to be my final opportunity at trying my hand at Open Source and OPW. I chose to contribute to oVirt. Till now I had got good hands on object oriented programming. I was given initial tasks from mentor at oVirt. I gave my best shot and wrote about 1000 lines of code for the initial tasks. However, I was not entirely confident of getting through because of other contributors who were able to catch up when I was busy with my mid semester exams. I submitted the proposal when I realised that the deadline of some organizations have been increased to 13th April. I saw it as another opportunity to strengthen my chances. I searched for a project in python and I got one in QEMU which I found very interesting. To be true I knew QEMU is a very good org. And hence I never approached it, feeling I wasn’t good enough yet. But as I got a chance to contribute, I wanted to give it a try. I also went through the another organization Xen and found the project of creating a format recommender tool of Xen style coding format very interesting.  So, I decided to contribute in both. And contacted respective mentors. They gave me some tasks. The other two weeks went contributing to both organizations and submitting proposals on 13th April. The results were to be announced on 4th May and the wait seemed to be like forever.

However, one day I received a mail from Outreachy Coordinators that I have been selected as an intern for two organizations QEMU and Xen. It felt like suddenly time had stopped and I could not believe myself. I was overjoyed but was presented a difficult task to choose one of the two organizations for internship. After a deep thought, I decided to go with QEMU because of my comfort with python and interest in project. I am presently in community bonding period and working with two awesome mentors John Snow and Stefan Hajnoczi. They are one of the coolest and most understanding people I have ever worked with.

I would just say that you do not need to be a genius to get selected for OPW. You need to be determined and hard-working. Failures may come, but we have to take the failures positively and use them as stepping stones to success.

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